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A roundup of the latest news, legal updates, and industry trends from Arc Legal Group.
How best to get rid of autumn pests

The cooler weather tends to tempt spiders and other unwanted guests inside for shelter and warmth. Though largely harmless, some pests, such as squirrels and other rodents can cause damage to your property.

Find out how to tackle these autumn beasties in our latest blog and how Home Emergency insurance can help. Read more.

Justice Committee steps in to tackle OIC portal challenges

We welcome the release of the Justice Committee’s report into the Government’s whiplash reforms and the Official Injury Claim (OIC) service this month.

The mounting backlogs and technological challenges surrounding the portal are concerning and only hinder access to proper justice for UK motorists.

Richard Finan examines the report and wider issues with court backlogs in our latest update. Read more.

Feedback Thursday

Family Legal Expenses Insurance

Under their Legal Expenses Insurance policy, this customer was awarded compensation when their previous employer withheld wages and expenses.

Did you know that Family Legal Expenses Insurance covers a wide range of household legal issues including employment, contract and personal injury claims, identity theft, actions for nuisance, trespass or physical damage to your home and representation in HM Revenue & Customs enquiries.

“I had a difficult time with an employer who withheld money when I left the company. The recommended solicitor was excellent in giving advice and acting quickly to get the case heard. The legal counsel appointed was also excellent and the tribunal awarded compensation in their final judgment.

I can’t praise the team enough to do them justice, but I can wholeheartedly recommend Arc Legal to anyone who reads this review. Well done and thank you!”

Legal Assistance Helpline

Last year our 365-day, 24/7 Legal Assistance Helpline took over 44,000 calls and issued over 32,000 pieces of legal advice.

As the cost-of-living crisis continues, we’re seeing an increase in people seeking expert legal advice and if this trend continues, 2023 could well outstrip that.

We believe it’s important for everyone to have equitable access to justice, and in the current economy, the need is greater than ever.

“The legal advisor gave exceptional legal advice. He was extremely professional, helpful, patient and understanding. A top-level legal advisor – one of the best I have come across and very knowledgeable, thank you.”

Powering adventures… and fires

As the team returned to the Southampton International Boat Show this month, our latest update from Richard Finan explores why lithium-ion batteries are becoming a popular choice with boat owners but at what cost?

Lithium-ion batteries are reported to be more efficient and sustainable, however, they can cause catastrophic fires.

Did you know? A lithium-ion battery fire is one of the most dangerous and difficult fires to control and extinguish.

Regulators are still trying to find the correct regulations to implement. So, for now, discover more here and find out our top tips on how to properly handle lithium-ion batteries. Read more.

Arc people: Maisie Burwood, Senior Partnerships Manager

Meet our Senior Partnerships Manager, Maisie Burwood. Maisie has been with us for 6 years and has been a part of building strong relationships with our partners.

Maisie highlights the significance of creating and maintaining trusting relationships with your insurer partners, in order to offer them the support when needed.

Read more about Maisie’s career journey and why she chose Arc Legal Group.

A new term, but we’re focussed on consistency and quality

We’re likely to see some upheaval in the Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) and ancillary market in the coming year, but we’re focused on consistency and quality at Arc Legal.

In our latest update, CEO Frank O’Malley reflects on the market, some of the stand-out moments of the year so far, and what’s coming up for the team. Read more.

What’s going on with… women’s health in the workplace?

It’s time to talk about menopause.

Menopause has been something of a taboo subject in the past; however, a recent run of employment tribunals recognising and compensating the unlawful discrimination against women suffering through menopausal symptoms has brought the issue into the spotlight.

In our blog, we discuss the important steps employers need to take to support their staff through this challenging time, and ensure they aren’t risking claims of discrimination. Read more.

Left in the LERG? Why are landlords turning away from rental properties?

With the mass exodus of private landlords selling up and leaving the sector, they are battling significant increases in mortgage interest rates, greater requirements around EPC testing, and changes to the way tenancy agreements operate in England, making it much harder for landlords to regain possession.

With the risks associated with letting property significantly increasing, Richard Finan updates on why landlords are turning away from rental properties, and how Legal Expenses and Rent Guarantee Insurance can offer them piece of mind. Read more.

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