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With cooling temperatures, the changing colour of leaves, and spooky season just around the corner, autumn brings about a myriad of changes. Some of the most common autumn pests include spiders, insects and rodents. So, how can you best protect your home from unwanted guests?

The number one reason that pests of any kind sneak their way into your home is because, as the weather turns cooler, they are looking for warmth. From field mice and rodents looking for cosy, covered places to build their nest for winter to spiders looking for light and warmth, autumn requires home protection to combat unwelcome guests.

Tips for getting rid of spiders and other insects
  • Hoovering regularly to remove spider webs
  • Sealing up cracks and holes in the walls and windows
  • Use natural remedies like mint and eucalyptus to spray along windows and cracks to deter spiders
  • Keep counter spaces and kitchen areas clean of food, crumbs and spills will prevent flies from being tempted to enter and reproduce in your home
  • Using cinnamon sticks in areas that typically attract flies can also deter them from making your home their own as the smell overpowers them and can be toxic
Tips for getting rid of field mice and other rodents
  • Field mice in particular love to nest in crawl spaces and attics so the best way to prevent them from getting in is to make sure all access ways into your home are properly sealed off
  • Repair any damage to your roof that may have occurred over the summer months which would allow field mice from gaining access to your home
  • Block access points into areas such as crawl spaces by covering them with wired mesh
  • Like with spiders and flies, using home remedies such as essential oils and vinegars, and spraying it around entrances, can deter rodents from entering your home

While there is much to look forward to about autumn- carving pumpkins, Halloween, and leaves changing from green to gold- there are things that require care around your home. While field mice and rodents search for the best places to nest to spiders and bugs looking for a new place to call home, there are plenty of quick and easy ways to prepare your home for the cooler months.

But, while many home and store-bought remedies are straightforward and effective, nothing is always 100% effective. If you believe you are experiencing an infestation, it’s best to get help as quickly as possible to prevent any serious damage and destruction that these critters and insects can cause. Our Home Emergency Helpline is available 24/7, 365 days and provides our customers with advice and assistance to help them deal with their pest infestation.

Our specialist Home Emergency insurance also covers the following perils:

  • Primary heating (including oil, LPG, and Biomass)
  • Plumbing and drainage
  • Electricity, gas, and water supply
  • Security and access to your home
  • Roofing
  • Lost keys

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