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A roundup of the latest news, legal updates, and industry trends from Arc Legal Group.
The value customers deserve: Why it’s time to take ancillary insurance products seriously

Add-on products haven’t gained the best of reputations, but things have changed.

We all know the FCA has played a major role in fair value. At Arc Legal we strongly agree with these measures and have developed an evidence metric-based framework to assess the value of each of our products.

Ancillary products can give customers peace of mind and provide support in a wide range of situations.

Our framework ensures that our add-on ancillary insurance products and services represent excellent value.

Find out more from Tim Mullin about the importance of value and the ancillary benefit. Read more.

Warning: Beware of the dog!

The news recently reported on a flurry of dog attacks by the American bully XL, leading to the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, placing a ban on the breed.

As a dog owner you’re responsible for the behaviour of your dog, but what are your responsibilities exactly?

The Dangerous Dogs Act states that it’s illegal to let a dog be ‘dangerously out of control’ anywhere, for example: in a public or private place or in the owner’s home. Read more.

Arc Legal in the news: My insurance downtime, Peter Harvey

In the Insurance Age series, ‘My Insurance Downtime’, Deputy CEO Peter Harvey shares details of his life as a farmer, how he was able to incorporate a love of agriculture into his early insurance career and what he loves about rural life. Read more.

Caravan tips to prepare for winter

Are you preparing your caravan for winter? Even though the weather is still surprisingly warm, the winter months are fast approaching.

The UK has over 220,00 registered caravans and motorhomes in the UK with costs from £5,000 to over £100,00, so to many they’re a valuable commodity worth looking after!

Damage can be costly and so taking steps now can mitigate potential problems that may arise over winter.’

Arc Legal’s bespoke Leisure Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) policy enables brokers and insurers to provide their customers with cover for legal costs related to incidents involving a wide range of leisure activities – including touring and static caravans, holiday, and park homes; supported by 24/7 legal advice, and specialist legal and claims specialists.

Read our top tips for preparing caravans this winter and the benefits of Leisure Legal Expenses Insurance. Read more.

Feedback Thursday

Home Emergency insurance

Another happy customer who received a boiler replacement contribution under their Home Emergency insurance policy.

Cover provides emergency repairs for primary heating and includes oil, LPG and biomass, and assistance for plumbing and drainage, electricity, gas and water supply, security and access, roofing, pests and lost keys issues.

“I spoke to a lovely lady who went above and beyond to assist with my boiler breakdown. The investigation was booked and attended straight away, which led to my boiler being replaced.

My claim was handled quickly and professionally and without Home Emergency insurance cover, my house would be without hot water, I cannot thank you enough”.

Legal Assistance Helpline

Another satisfied customer who received expert legal advice from our 24/7 Legal Assistance Helpline, as part of their Legal Expenses Insurance policy.

Few of us expect to ever need to go to court to defend a claim; Legal Expenses Insurance supports more than just this scenario and includes legal advice on employment, property disputes, family law, wills and probate, tax affairs, contractual disputes, clinical negligence and much more.

“When you are being presented with facts about things that require legal understanding, it can be both daunting and scary.

The legal advisor was calm, patient, and clear, non-judgemental yet supportive and my issue was managed professionally and sensitively, thank you.”

Menopause in the workplace: An update

In recognition of World Menopause Day, we’ve shared some important advice for employers on supporting their people going through this difficult time.

We believe it’s vital for businesses to play their part in breaking down stigmas and taboos around menopause at work to create an inclusive environment where open discussion and support are paramount. Read more.

Alarming statistics on sexual harassment in the workplace: We need to talk about it

Sadly, a survey from the Tradesman Union Congress found that 1 in 2 women in the UK have experienced sexual harassment at work.

Employers have a responsibility to protect all workers from sexual harassment, if not, they could be legally responsible.

Michael Jenkins explores what constitutes sexual harassment, and how employers can take preventative steps to avoid sexual harassment in the workplace. Read more.

Top 75 MGAs by Insurance Post

In our 20th year, we’re delighted to be named one of the Top 75 MGAs by Insurance Post.

Arc Legal has enjoyed significant growth as a business over the last 20 years and we’re proud to stand for financial strength, consistency, and quality, supported by rated capacity which ensures our partners and customers continue to realise the value that ancillary insurance represents.

Thank you to Insurance Post and Insuramore. Read more.

Celebrating World Mental Health Day

As well as raising awareness, Mental Health Day is a fantastic opportunity to start a conversation on mental health with our colleagues and be a part of reducing stigma when it comes to mental health issues.

It’s also a chance to talk about how we can look after our mental health, support one another, and how important it is to open up if you are struggling.

At Arc Legal, we recognise that work is a significant part of people’s lives and so their mental health should be preserved in the workplace as it would be with physical health. We have dedicated Mental Health First Aiders in our offices, who can offer support and a listening ear to all of our employees.

We stand together today to shine a light on the importance of good mental health for all.

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