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The FCA is expected to publish the final ‘remedies’ to be implemented in the general insurance add-on market in early 2015, following the extensive market study conducted in the last two years.

The proposed remedies include the banning of ‘opt-out’ sales and improving the information provided to customers at the point of sale, including publishing claims ratios.

Since the remedies were announced, we have been actively working with our partners to help improve their sales processes in anticipation of the required changes. We provide our partners with a range of workshops to provide training on the key features of our Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) products to ensure that our partners’ sales teams are knowledgeable about the product and are providing customers with enough information to make an informed purchasing decision. We also provide supporting marketing materials, such as for website product pages, sales scripts and product leaflets.

The move from an opt-out to opt-in sale will inevitably impact on LEI conversion levels on new business quotations; however our sales support programmes will help ensure that the value and benefits of LEI are being made clear to consumers at the point of sale. Implementing a more informed purchasing decision will ultimately generate greater conversions, by highlighting the value of the product to customers.

The publishing of claims ratios will ultimately help demonstrate the value of claims paid out in relation to the premiums paid, however it will be essential that all services currently provided by a solicitor or other service provider under an LEI policy are included in information provided to customers. We have been working with our panel solicitors to gather additional management information that captures legal costs incurred throughout the running of a claim, rather than just those paid under the policy. This additional information will serve to provide accurate reporting to our corporate partners that demonstrates the true value of LEI products.

Our management information has also been developed to include a greater focus on claim outcomes – in terms of insurance settlements, but also the outcome of the customers’ legal case. This will further demonstrate the value of an LEI product beyond the physical amounts paid by the insurer.

We will continue to work with our corporate partners in 2015 to help develop their sales processes and strategies for add-on LEI products in anticipation of the final FCA ruling. For further information about sales support programmes please contact your Account Manager, or alternatively email


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