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The Arc Legal team regularly provides media comment on relevant issues. Below is an extract from an article published in the insurance trade publication, Post Magazine, on before-the-event legal expenses insurance and whether it should be built into insurances rather than ‘added on’.

As far as developing the product itself is concerned, there has been a move towards offering a more bespoke BTE cover. Helen Withers, managing director of Arc Legal Assistance, claims this is something her firm has focused on since its inception in 2003.

“We’ve built all our offerings on a bespoke basis. That’s one of the ways we’ve tried to create a unique selling point by not using a ‘one size fits all’ approach.”

Ms Withers says this means a household BTE policy, for example, can range from a very pared down model to one that is comprehensive, with additional sections of cover and extra helplines.

“It depends what the intermediary wants and what market they are pitching to,” she explains.

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