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Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, one in five British adults have been on a camping or caravan holiday according to market researchers Mintel. While these trips may have originally been substituted for cancelled overseas holidays, the trend of caravanning remains high due to the cost-of-living crisis. Caravans are often viewed as a low-cost, affordable holiday alternative making them widely appealing in these trying times.

Caravan and camping sites re-open on 12th April, so now’s the time for caravan owners to prepare themselves for the busy summer months ahead. By staying vigilant and keeping their vehicles in tip-top shape, a fun summer adventure will be on the cards for all. Below are some must-know tips to get caravan owners on the right road.

Check your treads

One of the easiest ways to prepare the caravan is to simply give it a quick once-over. By making sure the tyres have enough air and the treads aren’t faded, the risk of breakdown can be avoided. It’s also important to check fluids such as motor oil and windshield wiper fluids and pay very close attention to the towing system to prevent a runaway caravan situation.

Spring clean

With Spring in the air, now’s the time for a spring clean. Cleaning and dusting shelves, fridges, cabinets and seats are an effective way to keep caravans clean and hygienic. This is also a good time to check for any damp spots that might have appeared during the vehicle’s hibernation, and to check window and door seals for any cracking or disintegration, this can help to avoid any water damage should the traditional British summer weather let us down!

Safety first

It’s vital that caravans have safety items on board including a well-stocked first aid kit. When visiting campsites with campfires, a proper fire extinguisher should be on hand, in case of emergencies.

Flush it

One of the most important jobs is to ensure the waste and water tanks are properly prepared. To prevent unpleasant smells and potential illness, sanitise and flush the plumbing system through with a safe product and check the flushing system of the toilet to ensure everything is working properly.

Secure it

Ensure the vehicles’ windows and doors lock properly to prevent break-ins. Records show that around 4,000 caravans are stolen each year, highlighting the need to make sure the locks are properly checked.

Lastly, we recommend arranging a professional service of the vehicle before setting off on any trip, this will give confidence that the caravan is safe for travel and unlikely to suffer any costly incidents!

No matter how thoroughly caravans are maintained, issues can still occur. Arc Legal provides a bespoke Leisure Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) policy enabling brokers and insurers to provide their customers with cover for legal costs related to incidents involving a wide range of leisure activities – including touring and static caravans, holiday, and park homes. Supported by 24/7 legal advice, and specialist legal and claims specialists.

To find out more about how Arc Legal can provide a smooth road to summer fun, or details of our products and services, please contact your Partnerships Manager or email


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