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Over the course of the past year, The British Horse Society (BHS), the largest equine charity in the UK, received 426 reports of road incidents involving horses on Britain’s roads – a 29% increase from previous years.*

This increase in reports adds to the thousands of other incidents reported to the BHS since 2010*, leading to recommendations by the BHS so safe driving when passing horse and riders on the road.

While prevention is better than cure, the fact remains that 38 riders and 222 horses have been killed in incidents since 2010*. But these numbers don’t reflect the injuries, financial losses and damages that can impact horse owners.

Arc Legal Assistance offers specialist legal expenses insurance for horse owners, designed to help lift the burden should they be involved in an incident relating to owning and riding their horse. The cover provides legal costs for representation following incidents such as breach of contract for buying or renting goods and services, or selling goods in relation to the horse. The policy also covers the rider for personal injury and uninsured loss recovery for accidents involving a horse.

In addition, the cover provides a legal helpline for 24-hour advice on any private legal problem or concern.

Those at the BHS remain optimistic that the continuing education of drivers and horse riders will have a positive effect. Legal expenses insurance however, is there for the unfortunate legal situations that may arise out of being a horse owner.

*Source: The British Horse Society, “Increase in road incidents reported to the BHS,” 30 March 2017 

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