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I was recently invited to judge submissions for this year’s Claims Excellence Awards, hosted by Insurance Times. During the judging process I was impressed by the levels of creativity, innovation and enthusiasm demonstrated by the shortlisted teams – whether that’s in improving service efficiency through digitalisation, focussing tirelessly on continuous improvement of customer satisfaction measures or employing increasingly sophisticated tools and technologies to manage fraud risk.

This experience reminded me that we not only have a wealth of talent employed within the sector, but that claims is very much about going the extra mile for clients.

Arc Legal has always focused on the customer journey for legal expenses insurance. Quite simply, our aim is to make it easier and simpler to make a claim.  We believe the journey should include support for our brokers and partners to ensure that their customers are aware and understand the benefits of the products, as well as continual investment in our claims reporting and handling processes.

Towards the end of last year, we relaunched our online claims reporting system. At the heart of the complete redesign of the system, was the aim to streamline the claims journey, reduce our internal processing times and to improve the customer experience. To achieve this, we made a significant technology investment and adopted some innovative approaches to supporting claimants throughout the process.

The early signs since launch have indicated a positive move toward meeting our objectives. The fact that the system does not use standard claim forms, but is responsive to the claimant’s situation and the information they provide, delivers real benefits in the customer journey, ensuring customers are only submitting the information that is required. The increase in users of the system since the redesign, compared to the previous version, is testament to an improved customer journey. Currently, nearly half of the claims we receive direct from policyholders are submitted through the system. The system also interacts with our internal process, auto-populating digital claim files within our internal claims management system upon claim submission.

Customer communication and education are important in the claims journey. In recognition of this, we have introduced some unique elements to the system, including options for the customer to consider alternatives to litigation for the resolution of their dispute. In particular we offer a 24/7 legal helpline operated by a top 20 law firm which can provide practical advice and support, as well as a suite of online legal documents, which can be used by the consumer to take initial steps towards resolving the issue without involving a solicitor.

Claimants also have access to a series of informational videos, providing insight and information aimed to help the policyholder understand the process and the subject matter of their claim, and highlight the benefits of using specialist solicitors.

Alongside The entrants to the Claims Excellence Awards, we want to provide a best in market customer service experience at the most crucial point in the insurance journey; the claim.

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