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The following claims example demonstrates the benefit of our Tenant Eviction cover under a Landlords Legal Expenses policy.

The policyholder owned a small portfolio of resisdential properties which were rented out to tenants. One of the properties was rented out to a single professional, who had moved in 6 months ago. Despite initially paying rent on time an and in full, the tenant built up arrears of over £1,000. The policyholder attempted to settle the matter, however the tenant refused to co-operate, and stopped all communication.

As a result, the policyholder issued the relevant notices to evict the tenant however they failed to leave the propety. The policyholder therefore submitted a claim under their Legal Expenses Insurance policy to evict the tenant.

Arc Legal appointed their panel solicitor who was able to evict the tenant and the policyholder regained possession of the property.

All legal costs were covered under the Legal Expenses policy.

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