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Rebecca Conway marked her 10th anniversary with Arc Legal last month by taking on a new role as Head of Claims and Operations.

Rebecca began her career at Arc Legal as Claims Manager and was one of the five original members of the business, working alongside the founding directors from 2005. Since then, she has played a pivotal role in shaping and delivering our claims function over the last decade.

Rebecca’s new title reflects her overall responsibility for both the claims and operations functions of the business.

We asked Rebecca for her views on some of the key changes to and challenges for the Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) industry, and what these have meant for the management of claims.

Over the last decade, what do you see as the most important changes in the LEI market?

Legal Expenses Insurance has experienced a period of unprecedented change in its most recent history. The introduction of LASPO changes, the ruling on the case of Webster Dixon, FCA scrutiny and the introduction of changes in the employment tribunal process, to name just a few.

“Increased regulatory scrutiny has led to a greater focus on the scope, design and quality of the products being provided in the market and, as importantly, the benefits they provide to the end customer, which has to be a good thing.

But perhaps the most significant consequence of this change has been the increasing importance being attached to Before the Event (BTE) insurance. Whether it is in bridging the gap being left as a result of changes in accessing legal aid, enabling policyholders to avoid the need to enter into damage based agreements, or providing cover for the payment of disbursements and legal costs at an employment tribunal, BTE cover has an important role to play in addressing consumer legal related risks.” 

How has LEI claims management evolved over the time you’ve worked in the industry?

“There have been significant strides forward in the way LEI claims are handled now, compared with just 10 years ago. Perhaps the biggest change has come in the level of scrutiny by clients and regulatory bodies alike, across all aspects of the LEI process, from sales and distribution to service level agreement performance and claims.

“Communication has always been an important part of the claims process in our sector. Alongside communicating effectively with clients and their customers during the claim, we are also having increased dialogue with organisations such the Financial Ombudsman Service to ensure we understand their requirements of LEI providers.

“The enhancements in claims management systems have resulted in the provision of superior management information. The use of this data and active performance measurement, is helping to enhance the customer’s claims journey.  We have focused on enhanced auditing of our own processes, and the performance of our panel firms to ensure service levels are met and strong, customer-focused outcomes are achieved.”

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