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Arc Legal Assistance (Arc Legal), a leading legal expenses insurance and assistance services provider in the UK and Republic of Ireland, has relaunched its online claims reporting system with a number of enhancements unique in the sector following investment in technology directly designed to improve the customer claims journey.

The system has been completely redesigned and fully integrated with Arc Legal’s claims management system to reduce claims processing times and streamline the claims journey. New developments include the use of responsive questions so claimants are asked for information based on their specific circumstances rather than standard forms.

While some LEI providers provide access to legal documents and advice, Arc Legal is the first to present policyholders with alternative services to resolve disputes as part of the claims process. The claims system enables claimants to access the legal helpline for initial advice and support, and a suite of online legal documents, which can be completed by the user without needing a solicitor. These services are designed to help resolve disputes where full solicitor representation may not be necessary.

Another unique aspect of the reporting system is access to a series of informational videos on different types of claims have been introduced, presented by Arc Legal’s specialist law firms on its legal panel. The videos provide insight and information aimed to help the policyholder understand the process and the subject matter of their claim, and highlight the benefits of using specialist solicitors.

The videos are supported by downloadable documents, which contain additional information on the type of claim the policyholder is submitting.

Arc Legal’s own claims function has also been streamlined, with claims information automatically populated within their internal claims management system, reducing the manual input required.

Richard Finan, Director of Arc Legal, said: “As a leading LEI provider, it is important that we provide a best in market customer service experience, based on the needs of our clients and their customers, and the regulator. Our investment in technology plays an important role in delivering this strategy.

“There are real benefits to the claimant’s journey from having a responsive system that makes it easier and simpler to make a claim, and prompts the customer to consider alternatives to litigation to resolve their issue.  Aspects such as automation of processes also enables us to better control costs and create efficiencies, which benefits our clients and the claimants.”

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