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A roundup of the latest news, legal updates, and industry trends from Arc Legal Group.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we’ve been sharing with our colleagues the importance of being familiar with the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and encouraging them to follow the breast awareness five-point code:

1.    Know what is normal for you
2.    Know what changes to look and feel for
3.    Look and feel
4.    Report any changes to your GP immediately
5.    Attending breast cancer screening from the age of 50

Whilst breast cancer can occur at any age, the risk of developing it increases with age, with most breast cancers occurring in women over 50. The earlier it’s found, the better chance that treatment will be successful

Is your gas boiler firing on all cylinders?

Forget the Christmas lights, the ‘big boiler switch on’ is just around the corner according to recent data.

Ahead of Brits switching on the heating en-mass around the 24th of October, we’ve prepared some tips to help you run your boiler safely, and cost effectively. Read more.

Look out for our next Home Emergency update with further tips on keeping your home warm and your property safe this winter. Read more.

Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation

We’re delighted to support The Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation team who will be jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet to raise funds for this amazing charity.

Tom died of a Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumour and extensive peritoneal disease in October 2013, at the age of 19.

The Foundation helps families and young people aged 13-24 with essentials like food, heating, wigs, and clothes, and has raised an amazing £175,801 on creating age-appropriate environments in hospitals, and £402,450 spent to fund research into targeted treatments for teenage cancers.

As claim numbers continue to fall… has the Whiplash ‘epidemic’ been solved?

Despite the implementation of the OIC portal, designed to make it easier for claimants to pursue compensation following an accident, recent data suggests that most claimants still use representation.

Richard Finan highlights the continued importance of #LegalExpensesInsurance in our latest blog. Read more.

Celebrating World Mental Health Day

This year’s World Mental Health Day theme is ‘making mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority’.

Poor mental health is believed to affect 1 in 4 of us and suicide is currently the biggest cause of death of people under 35 years.

Good mental health can help us deal with tough times and can reduce the risk of physical health problems as life can be complicated.

All our employees have access to our Employee Assistance Programme which is available 24/7, 365 days a year and provides advice and support on handling stress at work and home, parenting and childcare and managing money or health issues.

Workplace injuries in a hybrid world

A new law in Ohio addresses workers’ compensation rights for home-workers suffering injury or disability during their employment… but what responsibilities do UK employers have for protecting their staff?

Michael Jenkins explores the issue in our latest blog. Read more.

Black History Month

October marks Black History Month which reflects on the achievements, cultures, and contributions of black Britons in every area throughout our history.

This year’s theme is ‘Time for change: Actions not words. The past is the past, we can acknowledge and learn from it, but to improve the future, we need actions not words and come together around a shared common goal to achieve a better world for everyone

‘Arc Angle’ – September 2022

A round up of the latest news, legal updates, industry trends and corporate social responsibility in September. Read more.

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