During this difficult time, our policyholders have continued to utilise our online claims submission platform, the OCS. Over the last 10 months, the number of claims submitted through the OCS has increased from 87% to 96%.

Our Legal Helpline is the first port of call for new claims submissions. Our policyholders are then directed to the OCS which is a response portal relevant to their specific claim. With the facility to download all case related documents and images, all new claims are instantly acknowledged and processed upon receipt.

The OCS is focused on an enhanced customer claim submission journey, whilst also improving our internal operational procedures.

Features of the OCS include:

  • Interactive ‘claims submission dashboard’ – the OCS is responsive to the customer’s circumstances, ensuring they are only presented with the questions relevant to their claim.
  • Access to help, fact sheets and video tutorials, as well as a range of ‘DIY’ tools.
  • Integration of the OCS into our Claims Management System, resulting in an enhanced customer journey.
  • Introduction to our specialist solicitors’.
  • Access to our online chat facility.

We continue to innovate our digital delivery whilst maintaining other channels of communication and provide excellent levels of service to customers regardless of the channel of communication used.

If you require any further information in relation to this update, or details of our products and services, please contact your Corporate Relations Manager or email [email protected].

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