Total Legal

'Total Legal' is Arc Legal Assistance's managed legal services offering.

We offer a forward-thinking concept, embracing opportunities presented by the Legal Services Act 2007 relating to the way legal services will be offered in the future.

Legal expenses insurance cannot cover every eventuality requiring the services of a legal professional. To address this gap, we provide access to discounted legal services, in two tiers: -

  • Access to discounted lawyer's fees for legal work completed; and
  • Access to 24/7 online interactive legal documents

We offer our legal services as standalone services or as a non-insured enhancement to legal expenses contracts, 'Total Legal' enables our clients to provide their customers with access to services such as Will writing, conveyancing, legal separations and divorce, tax planning, estate and trust administration, pre-marital and cohabitation agreements on a 'DIY' or fully serviced basis.

Our objective is to provide access to a range of legal services which will meet most requirements that individuals and small businesses encounter in the normal course of events via a range of accessible media.

Visit Law Assistance to view the range of online interactive legal documents.

"Arc Legal has developed a managed legal services solution, which provides customers with access to a range of uninsured services giving us the capability to cover all of our customers' needs."


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