Our Model

Arc Legal’s unique business model has been built on the extensive expertise of the experienced management team, and reflects our commitment to bring genuine change to the market by offering best of breed products supported by high quality claims services.

The Arc Legal model is unlike that of a traditional legal expenses provider. We ensure that the role of the managing agent, between the underwriter and solicitor, is reduced to its essential components so increasing efficiency by generating a streamlined claims service and cost-efficient management by removing any unnecessary parts of the process.

As an independent provider, we benefit from being able to work with a range of specialist organisations across the key areas of our business. For example, we work with high quality solicitor firms who assume a large part of the claims process and risk management which enables us to keep our own operational costs to a minimum so making us highly price competitive, while improving underwriting control.

We only generate income from insurance premiums or managing agent fees, freeing up any commissions to be passed directly to the client as revenue, or to underwriters as claims subsidies.

We believe in a culture of transparency and open communication between all parties ourselves, solicitors, underwriters and clients.


“Arc Legal’s business model is designed to deliver a streamlined claims journey to our household and travel insurance customers as well as competitive, sustainable pricing via an efficient cost management structure.”


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