Kevin Benton, Technical Services Manager at Arc Legal, has overall responsibility for all IT functions including internal systems development and client-facing services.  He heads up an in-house team of developers and support staff that build and maintain our suite of bespoke business systems.

Since joining the business in 2012, Kevin has spearheaded a number of strategically important technology developments across the business; including our finance & contract management systems, online claims reporting, dedicated quote and buy system and the provision of management information.

Kevin talks about the role of technology within Arc Legal, and how bespoke systems are delivering responsiveness and value in the client and customer experience.

“Close working between IT and the business has enabled us to deliver systems that improve how the business operates, making it more efficient and improving our service to clients and customers. Notable systems include payment processing, policy declaration, contract and customer relationship management, and our claims management system which hosts full information and documentation for each claim.

“The importance of management information (MI) has increased exponentially right across the insurance industry and we have responded to this by placing a particular emphasis on providing clients with a detailed insight into claims activity and the performance of accounts. This assists us in identifying trends that can support ongoing product development.  Our reporting system automatically generates our MI and securely distributes to clients through our dedicated portal, who receive an alert when new data is available.

“The LEI market has experienced significant change and as a leading provider, it is important that we make correct use of technology to continue to quickly respond to the needs of our clients, their customers, and the regulator. 

“As part of our ongoing investment in technology, we are currently working to enhance our Online Claims System. The intention is to simplify the customer’s claim submission journey by using modern web technology to deliver an easier method of claims submission and offer an alternative to paper based claim forms submitted by post or email. This responsive system will offer real benefits to the claimant and demonstrates our focus on improving the claims journey at every stage. Automation of some processes also enables us to better control costs and create efficiencies, benefiting all parties involved.”

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