We continually work with our broker, insurer and affinity group clients to ensure all aspects of the process, from product development through to distribution and claims, reflects customer need, and the level of information we provide to our clients is important to help demonstrate the value our Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) products provide.

As part of our commitment to enhancing the customer experience, we have extended the level of customer outcome management information (MI) available to clients. Through our automated reporting system, data on aspects such as repudiated claims and levels of financial and non-financial settlement information can be pooled and, through outcome analysis, specific trends and areas of potential focus to enhance cover or address exclusions can be identified.

Provision of this additional data also enables us to report on assistance provided to customers which may not attach an underwriting cost, but is still very meaningful to the customer and demonstrates how the product responds to customers’ needs in the broadest sense.

As a result of our enhanced MI, Arc Legal is now able to offer more insight on client schemes and customer outcomes.

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