The following claims example demonstrates the benefit of our Employment Disputes cover under a Family Legal Expenses policy.

The policyholder was a HR and Recruitment Manager, and had been on a period of maternity leave. Nearing the point of her return to work, the policyholder was informed that she had been placed at risk of redundancy.

It later transpired that only the policyholder’s role was at risk of redundancy, and whilst she had been on maternity leave, a full time staff member had been recruited to take on all of their responsibilities.

The policyholder therefore felt that they were a victim of sexual discrimination, as her redundancy was as a result of the maternity leave she had taken, and submitted a claim to Arc Legal.

A panel solicitor was instructed, who was able to negotiate a settlement of £25,000 with the policyholder’s employer, which was equal to 11 months net pay of her annual salary. All legal costs were covered under the Legal Expenses Insurance policy.

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