The following claims example demonstrates the benefits of our Clinical Negligence cover available under a Family Legal Expenses Insurance policy.

The policyholder damaged his ankle after he fell from a ladder whilst cutting trees. He went to hospital for an X–ray and was told that it wasn’t broken, but he should rest it for 10 weeks. 

Upon returning to hospital, the policyholder saw an orthopaedic expert, who advised that he should have had a follow up visit two weeks after his initial visit, and also confirmed that he had a snapped his Achilles tendon. The expert advised that it should have been operated on as a matter of urgency within that two week period. 

The policyholder struggled to walk up and down stairs and had a permanent limp; as well as the inability to drive his motorbike. He therefore, wanted to submit a claim to Arc Legal for clinical negligence against the hospital who conducted the X-ray for failure to diagnose the serious tendon injury.

Arc Legal covered the claim and their panel solicitor contacted the defendant in an attempt to settle the dispute out of court. After negotiation, the panel solicitor managed to achieve a figure of £19,000 compensation for the customer. All legal costs were covered by the Legal Expenses Insurance policy. 

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