The following is an example of a recent Personal Injury claim that we handled under our Travel Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) product. The high compensation awarded and serious nature of the case demonstrates the importance of having an LEI policy. Without it, the policyholder may have ended up with a large legal bill to pay.

The policyholder was involved in an accident involving a faulty motor scooter whilst on holiday in Italy. The policyholder was a passenger on the scooter, which began to veer into oncoming traffic. To avoid collision, the driver forced the scooter off the road, and collided into a wall at speed. The policyholder was thrown over the wall and fell 15 foot onto a rocky beach below.

The policyholder suffered significant injuries from the crash, including osteochondral defect, fracture of the kneecap and serious damage to her pelvis, which required reconstructive surgery. She was required to spend 50 nights in various hospitals and had to undergo many operational procedures. The policyholder also required ongoing physiotherapy and post-traumatic stress counselling.

The policyholder had to take over 7 months’ leave off full-time work, but was only paid for 6 months, and upon returning to work was only able to work part time, which reduced her income significantly. There was no guarantee that the policyholder would ever be able to work full time again, which would impact on her future career prospects.

The policyholder submitted a claim form to us under her Travel LEI policy. Our panel solicitor was instructed and began proceedings against the insurers of the scooter. Due to the complex nature of the case and the injuries suffered, the case took several months, with various medical reports and evidence being considered. Eventually a trial was set, and the policyholder was awarded compensation of nearly £2,000,000.

All legal costs for this case were covered under the LEI policy.

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