Arc Legal in Commercial Landlord Rental product deal with Swinton

Arc Legal has strengthened its position in the landlord legal protection market with the launch of a commercial rental guarantee product for semi-professional landlords through Swinton Commercial.

The cover responds to the needs of landlords with smaller portfolios of properties by offering cover applicable to the specific exposures they face. The product will provide legal expenses and rent guarantee, as well as a tenant referencing service through Experian.

Richard Finan, Director of Arc Legal, commented: "Whilst existing commercial landlords insurance products offer a wide cover they tend to be focused on large commercial landlords with big property portfolios. Our product has been developed with Swinton Commercial to fill the gap in protection for the smaller, semi-professional landlord by providing cover that is directly applicable to their situation."


Arc Legal discusses the impact of banning referral fees

Richard Finan, Director of Arc Legal, has been commenting on the reforms being considered by the Law Commission and whether, in the event that pre-nuptial agreements could become legally binding, this may lead to a new insurance product to cover the legal costs in the event of divorce.

The full article can be found at

Arc Legal first to market with "Legal Expenses Claims App"

Arc Legal has launched the first UK iPhone App for legal expenses policies.

The App is being launched across Arc Legal’s complete portfolio for both large scale contracts and niche business sectors, including landlords cover and affinity business in areas such as its Police Federation schemes.

Customers will be directed to the Claims App via the 24hr legal helpline after they have received advice and assistance around their legal problem. The App is downloadable from the iPhone App Store (


Arc Legal launches cover to pursue maintenance defaulters

Arc Legal has teamed up with Maintenance Assist to offer a specialist cover to enable individuals to pursue defaulting divorce maintenance payers.

Forming part of the New Start Maintenance Protection product, Arc Legal will be providing legal cover in the event of maintenance payment arrears and a legal helpline giving advice on a range of family matters.

Helen Withers, Managing Director at Arc Legal, commented: "While other providers have talked about products in this area, we have focused on delivering solutions.

"We are seeing increased interest in how legal expenses insurance can deliver tangible benefits in the event of divorce and protect the income of families and individuals. Maintenance Assist is the first to market in this emerging sector."



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