Arc Legal Assistance (Arc Legal) has been appointed by broker Brightside to provide Motor Legal Expenses Insurance (MLEI) to their customers. The product will be offered as part of the broker’s Brightside Car brand solution.

Arc Legal will be responsible for the oversight of the MLEI claims process delivered by Brightside’s chosen solicitor firm, Slater Gordon Solutions, who also handle all Brightside’s fault and non-fault insurance claims.

Arc Legal has also expanded the cover provided under the policy so that in addition to accident related incidents, the insured now has cover for the defence of Motoring Prosecutions and Motor Contract Disputes.

Richard Finan, Director of Arc Legal said: “The majority of Legal Expenses Insurance providers have operated a model where they control the Personal Injury claims process. We believe that large motor insurance providers will prefer our model which enables them to have the direct relationship with the solicitor, with Arc Legal managing the legal expenses element of the service only.”

David Holloway of Brightside, said: “Arc Legal’s flexibility has allowed us to maintain control over the customer journey by retaining a direct relationship with our chosen solicitor, which we believe achieves a positive experience for customers.”

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