Identity Fraud

Arc Legal Assistance has been at the forefront in providing Identity (ID) Fraud protection since 2006.

Using solicitors who are specialists in dealing with ID Fraud legal cases, we provide protection against the real risks and the infrastructure to deal with it when it happens.

Removing the burden from the victim, and delivering protection and resolution through trusted partners, our offering consists of three elements: Prevention, Assistance and Resolution.

  • Prevention - advice on data protection, regular review of the customer's credit file and alerts in the event of a change to the customer's credit profile.
  • Assistance - immediate advice in the event of an ID Fraud, protection registration with CIFAS, liaison with creditors and other relevant organisations on the customer’s behalf, and dealing with any legal proceedings which may be issued, including representation at court if required.
  • Resolution - repairing the customer’s credit file and overturning any legal judgments. Providing an indemnity to the customer in respect of any expenses incurred, including incidental expenses.

The breadth of the service provided can be adapted to reflect the requirements of the client group, ranging from a low acquisition cost helpline service to a fully insured credit monitoring product. Cover can be offered as a customer retention tool, or to achieve revenue generation.

"Arc Legal has provided us with a high level product that is tailored to the specific needs of our customer base."

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