Affinity Groups

Arc Legal Assistance is a significant provider of legal services to affinity groups.

Our ability to research and develop products for particular litigation risks has placed us at the forefront of the affinity legal services market.

We specialise in providing tailored solutions and do this by operating a ‘blank sheet of paper’ approach. We assess the legal issues each specific group faces. We liaise with either our own or, the affinity group’s solicitors and use our experience to design and rate the right legal expenses insurance product. The end result delivers litigation risk transfer to the affinity group, accessible legal assistance to the affinity member, and sustainable underwriting performance to our risk carriers.

We cover occupational and non-occupational litigation risks together with complementary telephone advice helplines. Core cover includes:-

  • Pursuit or defence against disputes arising from the purchase or sale of goods and services (including the purchase of a home)
  • Pursuit against parties infringing the customers legal rights relating to their home (nuisance and trespass)
  • Pursuit for compensation following damage to personal property
  • Pursuit of employment claims
  • Pursuit for personal injury claims (including those arising from medical malpractice)

Plus other benefits specific to the needs of the members of the group.

"Using an experienced provider such as Arc Legal is important for us. Their understanding of the market and ability to develop a package that really meets our clients’ needs is second to none."

Arthur J Gallagher's affinity division

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